CCTV – Commercial – Agricultural – Home

Protect your home from £350

We offer fully customised CCTV solutions for your home, all our systems have mobile access from your home WiFi and can be set up to be used remotely. We always make sure your installation has all areas covered and cables are tidy.

Cubtech engineer’s only use our own cable suppliers and individual cameras to maximize the coverage, unlike most DIY CCTV products ours are designed to your property.

CUBTECH can help you with a wide range of CCTV applications, in recent years there has been an increase in crime rates all over the UK with both Homes, Commercial and farms being targeted, Rural crime alone cost around £40 Million in 2017.

CCTV acts as a great deterrent from thieves and could help reduce the chances of them entering your property.

We can install CCTV in most areas with power, some examples would be;

  • Full outer perimeter
  • Home (Garden, Garage, Front Door)
  • Stables (Individual stables are an option)
  • Barn (lambing, Cattle, Feeds, Vehicles)
  • B&B
  • Offices

We also offer Networking over long distances so don’t worry if you have a building that does not have wired connectivity we can help with that too.

Contact us today for a free on-site visit to discuss your requirements.

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