Are you buying or building a new build home?

CUBTECH can help you at the best time by making your new home a Smart home.

We can install a wide range of smart products to your home while it's being built this reduces the amount of wires seen to virtually nothing.

Example package:

  • AC Wifi Pack for fast internet connection around the home
  • 3 x CCTV (1080p) cameras around the perimeter with recording device (View-able from your smart phone)
  • 1 x Smart home hub (This connects all your smart home appliances)
  • 3 x PIR Sensors - (Movement)
  • 1 x Siren (Alarm)
  • 1 x Door switch
  • 2 x Smart Socket switches

All of the above can be installed during the build of your property from £1200 Call us today to discuss any other features you may need.

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