Agricultural, Holiday Park & Estate CCTV

 Protect your workshop, sheds and yards with 4K smart cameras.

Here at CUBTECH we can provide you with all the cameras you need for any size of property, we use wireless technology to enable wide area coverage. This backbone as we call it gives you option to add a huge number of cameras to the system, over a large area. We can also extend this to other farms within the area.

Some of our cameras now use a smart algorithm that can detect humans and vehicles, this greatly reducing the false notifications from generic CCTV. When the camera sees someone in a restricted are we can send an alert to you remotely, this allows you to see what caused the alert and then view a recording of the incident. There is also a link there for you to live view the camera. These smart cameras also come with a flashing light and siren, along with the notification to your phone the perpetrator will know there is high quality CCTV in the area.


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