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Let CUBTECH look after your technical requirements.


We can supply, install and maintain a CCTV system customised to your property or area. Let us help you protect your property and livestock

Computer Networks

Scale-able solutions to connect all areas of your home or business with Fiber, Ethernet & WiFi.


From one page websites to full eCommerce shops all running on WordPress.

Smart Home

We can consult and install a wide range of smart home equipment.

Mirco-Dot Marking

We can tag your equipment with micro tags, this can be anything from a tractor to a heard of sheep. All tagging details are shared with police.

Camera Analytics

Our analytical systems can provide a deeper incite in to your customers behaviors.

Farm and Stable CCTV

Contact us today for a free on-site visit to discuss your requirements. We can also provide LIVE mobile feeds for peace of mind while out and about. Don't worry we can still help even if your property does not have an internet connection.

CUBTECH can be your IT department

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